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ore: 16:00

Understanding Ancient Greek Science

Dipartimento di Storia, Scienze dell'Uomo e della Formazione, via Maurizio Zanfarino 62 (Sassari)

In this series of lectures, we are going to analyze the doctrine of four elements which is an essential idea for Ancient Greek scientific and philosophical thinking. Four elements are not only the key concept for Ancient Greek natural sciences which is responsible for basic ideas in biology, chemistry, thermodynamics, theories of motion in physics and cosmology but also forms a core structure for understanding human nature both physical and psychological.
Lectures divided in 4 parts:

1. Introduction. The idea of four elements in Ancient Greek Thought where does it come from? Basic foundations of Greek philosophy. From Physic to Metaphysics. The idea of Cosmos. Pre- Socratic philosophy. Aristotle. 

2. Physics. The idea of motion. Void and Space. Time. Physics of four elements. Thermo Cosmology. Aristotle. Ptolemy. John Philopponus. 

3. Medicine. Concept of four elements in Medicine. Disease and Treatment. Understanding the human body. Physiology and Psychology. Hippocrates and Heraclitus. Galen. Dioscorides.

4. Mathematics. Arithmetic and Geometry. Concept of number. Transformation of geometrical figures. Squaring the Circle. Infinity vs finite. Identity Sameness and Difference. Plato. Archimedes. Euclid. Heron. Hypatia

Additionally possible research seminars as well as 3 student seminars (according to the needs of the institution): 1. Corpus Hippocraticum Regimen I 2.Plato Timaeus 3.Aristotle On Generation and Corruption Book II.


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